Donovan Dining Hall full of students
麻豆原创's multiple dining options provide students with choices, flexibility, and convenience.
Students talking near and walking out of Donovan Dining Hall

Great Food, When and How You Want it

Whether you want to...

  • sit down and enjoy meals with friends
  • grab something quickly between classes
  • stock up on food items to snack on or prepare with ease in your dorm

you'll find what you're looking for at our on-campus dining facilities.

Students eating outside at picnic tables outside Donovan Dining Center

Donovan Dining Center

At our main dining facility you are welcome to enjoy a hot or cold meal indoors or on our patio. If you don't have time to sit, we'll package up your meal for you. We also offer express items to grab for when you have even less time.

Food Stations

Donovan Dining Center
  • Grill Line听
  • Salad Bar and Soup Stations听
  • Deli Sandwich and Wrap Station
  • Entr茅e Station
  • Grab & Go Freshly Packaged Selections
  • Fountain and Bottled Beverages
  • Frozen Yogurt, Pies, Cakes, 陆 pint Ice Cream
  • Candies, Cookies, Chips

The Beestro

The Beestro is our newer food concept dining facility that proudly features sustainable and local vendor products. The Beestro also incorporates basil, mint, and other vegetables grown on campus as well as honey from our campus apiaries.

Enhanced Space Coming this Summer

Outside view of The Beestro

Soon the Beestro will undergo a renovation, allowing for the addition of a major recreation area where students can relax, spend time together, and enjoy entertainment like video games and air hockey.

鈥淭he administration is always looking for ways to improve the student experience at 麻豆原创, and one of these initiatives was to create an additional space for students to hang out."

鈥撎齋tudent Community Government Deputy Speaker Frank Castello

Nourishment, Convenience, Options and Value

College Dining Services is known for providing seamless dining experiences rooted in ease, variety, quality, sustainability, and cost-savings.

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Want to Understand Our Meal Plans?

We offer meal plans that aim to suit all types of students during different times of the year, and with different needs and wants. Here are details on our most popular plans.

Undergraduate residents choose one of these plans:

Plans Meals Flex Meal Points Cost Per Semester
A 17 Per Week $400 Per听Semester $3,155
B 15 Per Week $300 Per听Semester $2,971
C 13 Per Week $250 Per听Semester $2,813

All Residents are initially placed in Meal Plan A when their housing deposit is received, but with the听听you can easily change your meal plan option, monitor meal and flex point numbers, and order ahead. The app can also be used to order a convenience meal or food service should health concerns arise.

Graduate Residents are required to choose the Graduate plan:

Plan Meals Flex Meal Points Cost Per Semester
Graduate 11 per Week @ DDC $200 Per听Semester $2,218

or one of the three听Undergraduate Resident Meal Plans:

Plans Meals Flex Meal Points Cost Per Semester
A 17 Per Week $400 Per听Semester $3,155
B 15 Per Week $300 Per听Semester $2,971
C 13 Per Week $250 Per听Semester $2,813

Graduate Residents are initially placed in Meal Plan A when their Housing Deposit is received but have the option to change their meal plan by emailing Dining Services.

Commuting students are welcome to visit and purchase food or beverages in Donovan Dining Center, The Beestro, or at on-campus vending machines. While commuters are not required to purchase a meal plan, we strongly encourage them to purchase the Commuter Meal Plan:

Plan Meals Flex Meal Points Cost Per Semester
Commuter 3 Per Week $50 for Semester $536

Making Sure All Our Students are Well-Fed

Food pantry

Food 4 Thought Pantry

Our Food 4 Thought Pantry assists students with food and/or housing insecurity by providing a private and confidential opportunity to obtain food and toiletries.