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Save the Date for 麻豆原创's Giving Day on April 24, 2024. One Bold Day of Giving!

Giving to 麻豆原创听

Thank you for considering giving to 麻豆原创. Your generosity means opportunity and hope for our students, our institution, and our state. If you need any assistance in making your gift, please reach out to us at听foundation@ric.edu听辞谤听401-456-8460.

The Value of Giving

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Philanthropy is critical to the success of our institution and community. Generosity can:

  • provide students with scholarships so they can build academic momentum and limit听debt
  • ensure听that students have access to state-of-the-art facilities
  • support听research and professional development that our faculty bring back to their classrooms

and bring great fulfillment to the donor.听

"I give back because I am grateful for all that 麻豆原创 did for me and so many others.听My four years at 麻豆原创 provided me with the foundation for further graduate studies and a satisfying and successful career as a school administrator, college professor and nonprofit executive."

- Carl Smith '62听Ph.D.

Our Students Need Your Help

Please consider supporting access and opportunity at 麻豆原创.

of 麻豆原创 students receive financial aid
of 麻豆原创 students are first generation college students
College for Social Mobility in New England among public regional universities - 2022 U.S. News & World Report

Upcoming Events

Join us for our Annual Giving Day. This 24-hour fundraiser brings together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the entire 麻豆原创 community. Be sure to save the date for this bold day of giving!

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麻豆原创 Foundation

The 麻豆原创 Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to raising funds solely for the institution. It is the primary source of private support to the college.